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Volunteer Connections. Together, anything is possible. Proudly serving Jackson County Indiana since
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Hello and Welcome!

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We're glad that you're here! Volunteer Connections is a bridge point where volunteers can be utilized by like-minded organizations for a collective impact. You may be asking yourself, what does that mean?

If you are interested in volunteering but don't know what's available or you're not sure how to find an organization that will work with you to fit your time schedule, skill set, or needs, we're able to help them find you! Fill out the volunteer form and we'll share your interest, skills, and schedule with all of the approved local non-profit youth organizations that are currently seeking volunteers just like you!

Who Can Be A Volunteer

Volunteers can be anyone ages 15+. All backgrounds, hobbies, and experiences will be considered in helping organizations find a good working fit.

*Please note that just because you fill out our form does not guarantee a callback from an organization. This simply allows them to see you're willing to help. 


Check out our current success stories with partner organizations and volunteers. 

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