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Team Volunteer Form

Let's Go, Team!

First of all, thank you!
Your team getting out of their day-to-day routine in order to help volunteer and give back really means a lot to us and to this community. We're happy to help awesome teams, families, groups, and organizations like yourselves to find ways to make an impact in ways that benefit those who need it most. 

Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action.  These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud.

– Helen Dyer



Are you a part of a team, group, organization, or family seeking to volunteer in Jackson County Indiana?
Please fill out this form to completion to be added to our volunteer database.
If you are an individual looking to volunteer, please see our Volunteer Form.

*Volunteer Connections does not guarantee you will be contacted.

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